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The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit

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The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit  has been written to ensure that coaches in sport develop a deep understanding of mindset theory and have practical tools to use with their athletes in order to develop a growth mindset. The manual is essentially a training course and also contains copiable resources for use with coaches and athletes, links to videos and ideas for further reading.

The manual will achieve the following;

1. It will give you a deep understanding of mindsets.

2. You will be supported to understand your own mindsets, change behaviours and attitudes where you want to, and so increase your chances of achieving your goals.

3. It will guide you in a way that you could introduce this work to others.

4. Through practical examples, it will give you a clear understanding of how you can apply growth mindset in your own professional contexts in order to help those with whom you work.

5. Each black Task Page (for coaches) and grey Activity Page (in Section 3 for athletes) can be photocopied or downloaded and provides activities to help deepen understanding. These can be used in workshops or as stand alone activities in your work.

The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit will be available on 1st December 2016, costs £25 (plus postage and packing) and is available for pre-order by clicking below. For multiple orders email orders@frithsykes.com
The book is in A4 paperback and has 124 pages of activities, videos and information on the application of growth mindset in sport.
The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit

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