‘Many organisations believe in natural talent and don’t look for people with the potential to develop. Not only are these organisations missing out on a big pool of possible leaders, but their belief in natural talent might actually squash the very people they think are naturals, making them into arrogant, defensive non learners. The lesson is: Create an organisation that prizes the development of ability and watch the leaders emerge’ Professor Carol Dweck ‘Mindset’


Our training is the fundamental starting point for any organisation or individual looking to engage in a process of growth and development. Individuals develop a greater awareness of their own approaches to learning and performance.  Participants gain an insight into their strengths as well as potential barriers to them and those around them achieving their best. From an organisational point of view the course will help managers, HR professionals and business leaders better understand how colleagues can most effectively engage in personal development, learning and change. This could result in more focused CPD programmes.


We help people to:


  • Understand the two different mindsets and the associated behaviours


  • Raise awareness of their own mindsets across different domains


  • Understand the impact of mindsets on whether they, and their colleagues, are realising their potential and achieving maximum performance


  • Learn ways of fostering a growth mindset in themselves and others


  • Understand how the processes of their organisation reflect either a growth or fixed mindset and how this impacts on the behaviours of staff


  • Be introduced to individual and group interventions to change mindsets
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