Rachel Sykes

I am a Chartered Educational Psychologist (EP) and have worked for several Education Authorities since 2001, most recently as a Senor EP for the States of Guernsey.  I have also been employed as a Performance Lifestyle and Mind Coach for the Guernsey Sports Commission.


Much of my work involves helping individuals identify their strengths as well as barriers to them achieving their potential. I am passionate about understanding people, the mind and behaviour and I recognise the importance of exploring the context and environment in helping to identify areas for change, development and growth. Although I am an expert in child development my work impacts on people of all ages by helping them to understand how they can engage in the process of positive change.  I value each person as an individual and use my knowledge and experience to find the best approaches and methods in each situation to help people to become the very best they can be.

Qualifications and memberships:

MA in Psychology, University of Oxford. MSc in Educational Psychology,  Institute of Education, London. Post Graduate Certificate in Education, De Montford University. Registered with Health and Care Professionals Council. Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Member of BPS Division of Educational and Child Psychology and Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

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