Here is a case study on Vauvert School's journey of implementing Growth Mindset principles with our support. Within this case study they feature our Challenge-o-Meter, providing examples of how they have used in a range of different ways to promote meta-cognition and self reflection. You can download the Challenge-o-Meter through the link below.

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Over the past five years we have worked with teachers, support staff, students and parents from over 35 schools across the 3-19 age range. This has been within mainstream, special and private education.

Our workshops and training demonstrate how profoundly teacher, parent and peer behaviour impacts on the thinking of children and their attitudes to learning. We highlight the findings of Professor Carol Dweck's research whilst providing practical insights in to how the growth mindset can be developed in teachers and students. The positive impact of growth mindsets can be seen in many areas, for example resilience, relationships and performance. Ultimately it is about helping a whole school to realise its potential.


Our work engages participants in practical activities and discussion in order to help them reflect on their own beliefs and how mindsets can be changed in themselves and others.  For example, how is feedback given? How is effort valued? What do students understand about the brain and how learning happens? As part of this work we have developed a measurement tool that is designed to measure beliefs about abilities within education and in turn predict teacher and students’ responses to challenges, the success of others, setbacks, receiving feedback and levels of effort. The tool is also a highly effective aid to raising self-awareness and changing individual mindsets and can be used as part of group sessions or 1:1. This can be with all school staff and students of any age. We can run workshops for parents alongside work that is being done in school.

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