We provide consultancy, bespoke workshops and training to all sports at all levels. We continue to work within professional sport and with Olympic level athletes and coaches.

Since 2011 we have been working within sport to help people to understand the attitudes and beliefs that underpin individual and collective learning and performance. We have drawn and built upon the research of Professor Carol Dweck that recognises the fundamental importance of a growth mindset for realising potential and maximum performance. We have developed training and interventions which targets coaches, players and parents to promote a cohesive approach to learning, progress and performance. As part of this work we have developed a measurement tool that is designed to measure beliefs about abilities in individual sports and in turn predict coaches and players’ responses to challenges, the success of others, setbacks, receiving feedback and levels of effort. The tool is also a highly effective aid to raising self-awareness and changing individual mindsets and can be used as part of group sessions or 1:1. 

Our work draws on research we have carried out within international and domestic sport. It gives straightforward advice in an easy to understand language and can transform coaching practice and player attitudes towards learning, progress and performance at the highest levels.

The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit  has been written to ensure that coaches in sport develop a deep understanding of mindset theory and have practical tools to use with their athletes in order to develop a growth mindset. The book is essentially a training course and also contains copiable resources for use with coaches and athletes, links to videos and ideas for further reading.

The Growth Mindset Coaching Kit
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