Section 1 - The Mindsets

The aim of Section 1 is to develop your own self-awareness and a provide you with a deep understanding of Carol Dweck’s research on mindsets.

The section begins with Task 1, an opportunity to reflect on your own approach to coaching, particularly focusing on definitions of success. You will be introduced to the legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, who shares his definition of success, approach to coaching and developing people.

In Task 2 we introduce the method that Carol Dweck uses to measures mindsets. Through Task 3 you will get the opportunity to develop a mindset measurement tool for your own sport. In Task 4 you will then measure your mindset specifically around the areas relevant to your sport. This part of the process is fundamental in helping you generate self-awareness and will provide you with a tool to use as an intervention in your coaching. As a result of Task 5 you will realise for yourself how the different mindsets impact on behaviours when faced with different situations.

There then follows an explanation of the mindsets and the research that informs our practice. This will help you to make links with the initial activities, and by the end ensure you have a deep understanding of growth mindset and its impact on success. The section finishes with Task 6, an opportunity to reflect on your definition of success and that of John Wooden who you were introduced to in Task 1. Through this task you will see the clear connections with growth mindset and what a coach with a growth mindset looks like. This will prepare you for Section 2 which explains what can be done to develop a growth mindset.

We also introduce you to some fascinating research by Angela Duckworth on grit and how it links with growth mindset. Grit is passion and perseverance for long term goals. This will help you see that growth mindset is perhaps the only thing available to us at this time to develop grit.

There is then a summary of Section 1 including some key points and videos that can be watched to confirm your understanding. The section finishes with an article written by Jeremy which appears on the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Elite Coach Hub. This article may be useful to help you to introduce others to the theory of mindset and its relevance in sport.

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