Section 2 - Growth Mindset Strategies

We have developed a wide range of strategies that can be applied with individuals, teams and organisations to develop a growth mindset. These strategies sit within ten principles, our ten commandments. We will take you through each one providing you with plenty of practical ideas and the rationale behind them.

1.Self awareness – help people to understand their own mindsets and behaviours.

2.Teaching the mindsets – helping people understand the theory, the behaviours and the implications for achievement.

3.YET – Communicating to people that it’s not that we’ll never achieve a goal it’s just that we haven’t quite got there yet.

4.Role models and learning journeys – using real life examples and stories to help people understand how goals are achieved whilst helping them understand their own journeys in learning.

5.Malleable intelligence and the brain – skill is located within our brains and our brains can change. Educating people about the brain and its malleability is significant in developing a growth mindset.

6.The learning line, risk and challenge – challenge, taking risks and understanding how we learn is vital in developing a growth mindset.

7.Struggle, failure and making mistakes – making explicit that failure and making mistakes are vital if we are to learn, improve and ultimately be successful.

8.Conscious and unconscious minds – helping people understand about the conscious and unconscious minds are important for two reasons. Firstly that when we are learning a skill we are transferring it from our consciousness to our unconsciousness the more we practice. Secondly, to ensure that all of the unconscious messages communicated by the environment are in line with, or promoting, a growth mindset.

9.Effort, praise and feedback – adjusting our language and rewards to value the process of learning.

10.Process and outcome goals – helping people to focus on the things that they can control (process goals) rather than the things that they can’t.

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